We are committed to improving the farming experience of the sub-Saharan African agricultural landscape by providing support to the smallholder farmers whom we recognized as the future of family farming.

The culture of smallholder farming is as old as Sub-Saharan Africa.  While this may have sustained food security in decades past, it’s becoming increasingly difficult in our generation as population increases, more rural-urban drift, and the increasingly adverse effects of climate change. As we all join hands together to mitigate the reality of climate change, equipping the smallholder farmers to adapt to its effects, we provide support in the following areas:

Agronomy Practices

Climate change has become real in sub-Saharan Africa. Rain patterns have completely changed from what they were 25-30 years ago. Farmers who learned agronomical practices from their parents (generation transfer skills) are now caught up by completely new and unpredictable patterns.

Hence, planting and harvesting time is gradually changing.

Disease & Pest Outbreak

The changing weather pattern is beginning to affect diseases and pests outbreaks making them more frequent. In some parts of Eastern Nigeria, Pig farmers experienced suspected outbreak of African swine fever, wiping several years of savings of these farmers.

At Farmsupport.ng, we are conducting training sessions for smallholder farmers on diseases and pests control and management across Nigeria and beyond.


Drought and Flooding

In Eastern Nigeria in 2020, droughts were experienced in Enugu State. In Northern Nigeria, Kebbi State and other North Western States experienced flooding. This affected rice and other crops production. This is going to cause shortage of food in these communities especially at family levels.
At Farmsupport.ng, we are equipping farmers with predictable rain and drought patterns using digital platforms like SMS and USSD. These services will enable farmers to plan by making hedges and embankments around their farms to prevent flooding while in the East, we are working with the farmers to make available movable solar-powered irrigation system to enable them to adapt to drought in the future.


Access to Market and Value Adding

One of the major problems of smallholder farmers includes storage facilities and limited access to ready market. Hence, most crops are consumed fresh from farm gate. Poor storage and processing facilities has led to over 40% loss of total amount of farm yield amongst smallholder farmers in Sub- Saharan Africa. This has led to continuous impoverishment over the years making smallholder farming unattractive to young people.

At farmsupport.ng, we are securing supply agreement with major retail holders and Agro-processing industries. This initiative, which is aimed at transforming smallholder farmers into commercial outgrower or contract farmers will ensure ready access to market for their produce, help them negotiate better pricing, enable them access to improve seeds and enhanced training on new agronomic cultural practices by our extension staff. Whilst the retailers and processing companies have access to Agro-produce at competitive farm gate prices, this helps in reducing exploitative activities of middlemen.

Credit and Insurance Scheme For Smallholder Farmers

Credit facilities are not readily available to small-scale farmers because they lack titled documentation of their land which unfortunately is the most acceptable collateral in most commercial banks in Nigeria. While we keep working with State Governments to improve on open-source data for land documentation which has the capacity to up our rural lands for investors. We at Farmsupport.ng document the annual produce of each individual smallholder farmers as they sell using our outgrower agreement with major retailers and Agro-processing industries. The documentation is providing ready data that will be used to calculate their credit rating to enable them to access financial and insurance facilities which we are packaging with our partners. This package is total and comprehensive for the economic empowerment of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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